The Evolution of Car Audiotainment

The Evolution of Car Audiotainment

December 12, 2017 0 By nationaalautoforum

People nowadays don’t just buy cars for transportation purposes. Although that is the most basic reason, time and technology have allowed people to branch out and widen their scope and options. With the growing competition which is evident in the determination of car companies to excel in terms of innovation and creativity through their manufactured products, people have learned not to settle for mediocrity. They always aim to get what’s suitable to their budget, and as much as possible they only want the best, even in the car audio entertainment. Yes. Cars are now used for transportation and entertainment purposes. See how the car audio industry changed over the years!

AM and FM Radio

This is probably the car audio system that has been part of many people’s entertainment and transportation for the longest time. Dated from the early 1930s portable radios that were distributed commercially were installed in cars for immediate access to radio broadcast channels. It had a very colorful history that the colors have not faded until now with people also venturing in music and radio programs instead of pure news.

It’s amusing to know that a lot of people still have AM and FM audio systems in their cars right now after a few decades since it was first used – only this time, with a modern twist.

Cassette and CD Players

Cassette and CD players inside cars later bloomed as electronics and acoustics evolved! This was the time when the term “car stereo” was first introduced. Together with the booming audio entertainment, the music industry also stepped its game a little higher as more cassette tapes were produced and more talents were given chances to be on the spotlight by famous record labels. Years have passed and CDs also entered the music scene, which made impressive changes in the car audio entertainment as well. From rectangle to circle, no one can stop the people’s love for music! Car interiors are best avenues to express this kind of passion.

MP3 and iPod Connectivity

Well it seems like car audio systems just keep getting better and better. Car stereos can also be used by connecting them to external music sources such as mp3’s or iPods. Through the use of a car audio auxiliary retractable cable you can stream your carefully selected songs from your favorite music storage gadget, with the option of lengthening or shortening the wire. Convenient! Just make sure the size of the cable you will be using matches the size of the jack on the stereo. Cables can be purchased online or on hardware stores. Choose well!


Lastly, you can now use your smartphones on your audio entertainment apparatuses. Perhaps this is the kind of car which others call “the connected car.” Why would they call a car or a car audio system like that, anyway? Well, simply because modern audio systems nowadays can let you connect to the Internet via smartphones. Who wouldn’t be impressed with very hi-tech features including touch-screen monitors, Bluetooth and apps? Audio entertainment has indeed gone a long way and there’s no way it can be stopped.

Now, what kind of car audio Virginia do you like best? Do you wish to go old-school or modern? Do you want to go rusty or sleek? Audiotainment experts can surely give you what you want. They are tested and proven to be able to deliver well!