Picking the Correct UTV Windshield

Picking the Correct UTV Windshield

February 26, 2017 0 By nationaalautoforum

It is without a doubt that Utility Task Vehicles (UTV) are some of the most useful tools on the market. As opposed to regular 4 wheel vehicles and trucks, UTVs can be custom enhanced to go beyond simple off-road transportation. UTVs have changed the way farmers do business and have revolutionized the world of outdoor recreation!

And now a lot of UTVs come factory equipped with a roll over protection system (ROPS). That means that many of the vehicles also come equipped with hard tops, cab enclosures, and even windshields.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated in 2009 that “The vehicles may exhibit inadequate lateral stability, undesirable steering characteristics, and inadequate occupant protection during a rollover crash.” Because of this, the perfect enclosure and windshield is not only important, but it could also save a life.

People depend on their UTV windshield to keep them, their gear and their passengers safe from the elements, so finding the right type of windshield is pivotal. Many online stores carry a huge selection of UTV windshields whether they are designed for driving on or off the road.

UTV windshields come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and everything can be customized. For example, many stores have UTV full-tilting windshields, UTV full windshields, and even UTV full-vented windshields. They are made to fit perfectly for quads, four wheelers, or side-by-sides. The best thing about these custom windshields is that they will fit to all the major makes such as Yamaha, Polaris, and Kawasaki.

There are also windshields made with a myriad of different materials. Windshields can be made out of plexiglass, polycarbonate, acrylic, and even actual glass. But which is the best? UTV windshields made with glass used by the automotive industry tend to be regarded as the “best.” It offers the cleanest vision and is really easy to maintain; however, it can be quite expensive and heavy for a lightweight UTV. Many believe that the next best choice for windshield material is polycarbonate. In particular, Lexin polycarbonate is very light, but is still strong and durable, with a proven track record of impact resistance. It is so strong that it is even used in NASCAR!

A less expensive option are thinner polycarbonate, acrylics, and plexiglass. Unfortunately, these inexpensive products scratch easily and may even shatter upon impact. This is obviously not a desirable trait when off road. Cleaning these products is also aggravatingly difficult. If the driver doesn’t take extreme care of the windshield, then a scratch or a swirl on the surface may engulf the entire windshield. It isn’t uncommon to see these types of windshields so battered after a UTV drives on the trail a few times that it can’t even be seen through anymore.

There are even some UTV windshields that are designed to snap on as easy as possible. The technology, “Easy – On” UTV Windshield, fit in seconds and are hassle-free. Even though they can easily be removed, these types of windshields are great for deflecting wind and rain.

It is always a good idea for a UTV owner to do their research before purchasing a windshield. There are many on the market, and picking the correct one is important for the safety of everyone involved.