Evolution of the Royal Enfield Cafe Racers Then and Now

Evolution of the Royal Enfield Cafe Racers Then and Now

June 18, 2017 0 By nationaalautoforum

The name Royal Enfield is a name that resonates with terms like strength, macho and many such words that talk of masculinity. They have been in the picture for a really long time now, but what is interesting to see is the timeline in which they emerged and how they have become what they are today!

The cafe racer scene was seen emerging in the 1950s when Britain had started to upgrade its roads and was reviving itself from the war, the cafe racers then became the ideal bike for people who were always on the move. Then again in 1956, the cafe racer took a new turn and became a bike that was modified with low handle bars and became a machine that could be ridden faster than any other motorcycle from one café to another!

After a few years, in 1961, Royal Enfield came into the picture and that is when it changed the way the bike was looked at! These bikes were a breath of fresh air to the bikers that were earlier not so happy with the performance of the bikes that were available in that time.

Soon after, in 1964 the Royal Enfield was called Britain’s “fastest 250”! Because of its excellent capabilities as a newer better model, the bike was taken for a spin and drove pretty well for a 250cc engine with an average speed of 73 mph.

The dip in 1970 in the motorcycle industry did not let the growing popularity of the Royal Enfield slow down, rather the new models that did come in sold pretty well even in the slow slump that had taken over Great Britain.

1985 saw the revival of these bikes and after being inactive for nearly 2 decades, the motorcycle industry suddenly became big with the coming in of better cafe race bikes. The bikes were popular not only in Britain but had also started to gain recognition in India.

The cafe racers till date are the favorite and the most popular bikes amongst many bike enthusiasts and have been unveiled as a great concept in a lot of countries! Today, these bikes are the perfect mix of sporty and athletic accompanied by good looks. The Royal Enfield today is a special favorite of all bike lovers around the world and has been successful in holding its ground and making a place in the hearts of the people.